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Re: square waves (as VST)

I wonder if folks who are knowledgable in Max/MSP or Reaktor could build
this capability.

Original Message:
From: Mark Landman mlandman@sonic.net
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 10:35:10 -0700
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: square waves (as VST)

One critical difference between using the old Lexicon boxes square  
wave mod vs. a VST or any newer fx box is the way the delay is done.

The Lexi's modulated an oscillator that clocked the delay, nowadays  
delay lines just aren't done that way. If you look back thru the  
archives Kim talked about this a lot when we were asking for pitch/ 
time changing effects on the Echoplex.

Years ago I had a Lexicon Prime Time II with expanded memory, and  
square wave modulating a long loop was one of my favorite techniques.  
Adding some short resonant feedback throbs via the 2nd tap (the Prime  
Time II was a 2 tap delay line with great onboard mixing  
capabilities!) and it was loop heaven. Since then I've tried to  
emulate that sound with many fx boxes including Eventide and Kyma,  
and it's never sounded the same.

Having said all this, if this sound could be caught in a plug-in it'd  
be great.


> Qua Veda wrote:
>> At the Y2K7 loopfest, Henry Kaiser explained that he used square  
>> waves to modulate a PCM 42 (lexicon fx processor) to create his  
>> loops.  I really liked his performance.  Did I misunderstand him?   
>> Can anyone explain how this is done?   -Qua

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