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Re: ReCycle, Loop Slicing, Looperlative.... (was: ReCycle, Loop Slicing, GURU)

On 5 nov 2007, at 18.27, Mech wrote:
> -'Still, I think you could do some really interesting things with  
> larger slices.  Think of a phrase made up of 8 evenly-spaced notes.  
> Slice the loop into four slices (two notes per slice), then delay  
> each slices playback by the equivalent of one note.  Now you've  
> instantly added a triplet or "three" feel to the loop, since the  
> phrase now consists of a series of two notes followed by a one note  
> rest.
> I wonder how much they've considered building on that  
> functionality....

I guess Mobius could have that pretty soon if some sort of user  
interface cold be developed for its Shuffle function. Now it has four  
pre defined slice-and-mangle algorithms. Think about how cool if the  
user could

- Chose the "grid" for slicing (divide loop length with any number,  
making sure odd timings will be possible).
- Chose the treatment applied for each slice (transpose, filtering,  

Other applications that have interesting interfaces for loop slice  
mangling are pHATmatik PRO, Reason (Dr Rex Loop Player), ReCycle...  
The trick is to apply it in real-time on the first loop playback of a  
live input.

Maybe we should stop posting here about this, so Jeff can cut down on  
his, recently quite massive, educational postings and use a couple of  
hours for coding? Eh.....  ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)