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Re: Expression Pedal - Alesis F2 Review

Thanks for all the othe pedal options. I am using the EV-5s  and I just 
into a problem. Since the EV-5s already have a cord attached to them with 
stereo male end, I had to buy a few Hosa TSR adaptors. The problem is that 
the adaptor wires are barely long enough to reach from the input and ouput 
plugins of my Fireface 400 (yes, I am using them to control parameters in 
max, rather than MIDI, which requires splitting the expression pedal 
and creating a loop between input/output of the audio interface.  They do 
connect, but I'm worried about the tension. Hence, I am thinking of 
two other pedals that don't have the cables already on them, but just the 
jacks. Then I can just buy a TSR male to two mono quarter inch male patch 
cord and not need any TSR Y-cables.

I conslidated the list of options:

Alesis F2 - $80 USD

Behringer - $25 USD

Yamaha - $70 USD

Boss - $90

The Alesis looks very attractive.  The m-audio, not shown above, looks 
but it has a hard wired cable attached, like the EV-5.