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Re: Expression Pedal - Alesis F2 Review

> Musicians friend here in the US, has these things for 80 bucks...I can't 
> see how and expression pedal costs that much. Sorry, i'm not paying 
> that. Need cheaper alternatives.
> Sean Mormelo

well, in your country the EV-5 is $60,
it actually makes sense for the F2 to cost a bit
more, it's metal, and it has more features,
and it's list price is $179.

Essentially, though, an expression ped is a wah-wah pedal without a few
(cheap) electronic components. I know it seems a lot to pay for something
that doesn't have a sound of it's own, but exp peds have all the hardware
of a wah, so not surprising they cost almost as much.

andy butler