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Re: Looking for a pitch shifter pedal

Ian Popperwell wrote:
> Hi,
> I play wind instruments, saxes, flute and sometimes wind synth. I use 
> chorus and delay on my flute and want to get different possibilities of 
> harmony and thickening of the sound. I have a Boss PS-5 pitch shifter 
> pedal and have been disapointed with the thinness of the sounds that I 
> get out - even a fourth up or down. I know that the further from the 
> actual pitch , the grainier the sound, but some of it might be because 
> the pedal's circuitary  is designed for guitar. I'm interested to hear 
> if any LD members have used pitch shifters/harmonisers with instruments 
> other than guitar to good effect? I really want to go for a pedal or at 
> least small unit that can fit into my pedalboard -I don't want to take a 
> rack around with me. I'm wondering about some of the Digitech Voocalist 
> units or t.c./Hellicon units...?

You could try pokin the net for an old DL55 (IIRC). I know people using 
them for both guitars and bass, saying they work just fine.

If you're into racks and could fancy more effects at the same time, try 
a Digitech TSR24. It's cheap and lets you reuse components in it's 
effects library just about as many times you want, i.e. for having both 
pitch for harmonies, a digital whammy and harmonizing effects - plus of 
cause all the other effects. Programming it is somewhat complex, though.

BTW, it's sometimes said it's whammy doesn't react fast enough.
This can be cured by simply replacing the 10Mhz crystal for a 20Mhz 
(plus replacing one capacitor). The cpu is already a 20Mhz.

van Sinn