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Most instantly looping hardware looper sought for

Hello all,

i own a Repeater and a Lexicon Jamman and i have ultimately landed at using
the Jamman live almost only, because for some reason it's 12-bit converters
sound much more pleasant than the Repeater, but most importantly it is a
device that works MUCH faster to me live while improvising songs from

Now what i am looking for is an even more direct way of looping: a hardware
device which could loop instantly this way:

- pressing a start pedal starts recording instantly, pressing same button
again starts the first loop.
- pressing start again would get back to recording (not overdubbing but
replacing) and another hit on start would start the new loop again at its
new loop length.
- a second pedal could be used to overdub on a loop playing already.

what i want to avoid is the slight moment with the jamman, where i have to
stop a loop first to be able to record again hen.

any idea which looper, preferrrably cheap, optionally battery operated and
with no more than two pedals or footswitches could perform this?

(no computer-releated stuff, please, i really dislike computers on stage,
stops me from playing to handle a mouse or having to watch a monitor...)

thankful for any hint

Best greets from Berlin.

online noise collage: http://txp.kliklak.net/kliklak/kliklakofonie
downloads: http://txp.kliklak.net/jayrope/downsidedomehole