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Re: Most instantly looping hardware looper sought for

--- jayrope <jrploopers@kliklak.net> wrote:
> Now what i am looking for is an even more direct way
> of looping: a hardware
> device which could loop instantly this way:
> - pressing a start pedal starts recording instantly,
> pressing same button
> again starts the first loop.
> - pressing start again would get back to recording
> (not overdubbing but
> replacing) and another hit on start would start the
> new loop again at its
> new loop length.
> - a second pedal could be used to overdub on a loop
> playing already.

I've thought about something similar (for guitar). I
want to get into looping, but most of the units I've
seen are so crammed with features I don't (currently)
want, that they're hard to use. What I really want is
a "one-shot" looper:

- single-width pedal (or even smaller, say, Guyatone
micro-effect sized)
- two controls: a knob to control the level, and a
- no persistent memory: power it up, and it's blank
and ready to record
- press on the switch once, play, press the switch
again, and what you played starts playing/looping
(with an LED that blinks at you at the start of each
loop); the max. loop length would be 30 or 60 seconds
- no overdubbing capability
- while the loop is playing, press the switch once and
the loop is muted (it's still looping/cycling, but you
don't hear it); a "mute" LED lights up
- press the switch again, and the loop un-mutes (at
whatever part of the loop it's at, or maybe it
- press and hold the switch (e.g., 2 secs, min.) and
the loop will stop and be deleted when you let up on
the switch; you're then ready to record a new loop

I actually sent a note about this idea to Guyatone,
suggesting it for their micro-effect line. If they
could sell it for $100, I'd probably buy two. (They're
revamping that line at the moment, so it's unlikely
they'll do it, or do it soon.)

So, as a similar question: what's the simplest (in
terms of features and operation) looper for guitars? I
don't want any other effects, I don't want it do
anything except store and play one loop.


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