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Re: Powered Subs

Exellent. That's what I wanted to hear. HUGE is what I'm after. When I'm 
using a max patch to generate multi-octaves (24 down and lower), delays, 
etc...I want it to sound like a volcano. I have a local friend who has 
playing bars and private gigs for years and years...mostly country and 
southern fried rock. He used just about all the subs out there, and runs a 
really big PA. I used to run sound for him years ago. He just recommended 
that Mackie too. I'll start with one, and if I get really ambitious, I may 
buy another later in the year so that I can run them in stereo (thought 
using just one should not be a show stopper).


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>I played a gig a few weeks ago at an Irish Pub that the owner (being a 
>player himself) had outfitted with a Mackie Sub. My wife, whom hadn't 
>attended a gig in over a year, commented that  I sounded HUGE. Not to 
>steer the conversation in a very different and inappropriate  direction, 
>but if you are willing to carry one, get one. It is an  impressive and 
>awe-inspiring moment when you hit that low D with a sub  hitting the 
>patrons in the chest. Very cool.
> On Jan 1, 2008, at 8:42 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> Before I heap on another response...Happy New Year everyone!!! I  hope 
>> you are all successful in your resolutions, if you make them.
>> So, back to powered subs. This groups is a real hoot sometimes. It 
>> cracks me up how someone can ask a question, and then over the  course 
>> several responses the original question gets over- engineered and 
>> distorted. I asked advice on which sub to buy, and  ended up with a 
>> discussion over whether I even needed them. Of  course, there is no 
>> debate for me on whether I need one, given the  sound I am after and 
>> context. That is a done deal. I haven't  seen any major objections to 
>> Mackie, so I may go with that  option, unless a really attractive 
>> sub option comes up that  can delivery enough juice.
>> Kris