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Re: Powered Subs

Krispen Hartung wrote:
> Before I heap on another response...Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope 
> you are all successful in your resolutions, if you make them.
> So, back to powered subs. This groups is a real hoot sometimes. It 
> cracks me up how someone can ask a question, and then over the course 
> of several responses the original question gets over-engineered and 
> distorted. I asked advice on which sub to buy, and ended up with a 
> discussion over whether I even needed them. Of course, there is no 
> debate for me on whether I need one, given the sound I am after and 
> the context. That is a done deal. I haven't seen any major objections 
> to the Mackie, so I may go with that option, unless a really 
> attractive stereo sub option comes up that can delivery enough juice.
I have used an earlier version of the Mackie at my Soundscapes Concerts 
<http://soundscapes.us> and it worked quite well.  Yes, I used only one 
sub.  Its line outputs fed my power amp and JBL (unpowered) PA 
speakers.  It filled a large hall without breaking a sweat or being