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Re: Laptop live looping-vst&sync

> Per Boysen wrote:
> > me even music with no sounding beat has a tempo. So that's why I
> > prefer Plogue Bidule instead of Max when I need to program with a
> > "virtual sound design toolbox and patch-bay". Bidule has a good system
> > for synchronizing tempo relating modules and it also supports VST Time
> > Info.
On Jan 7, 2008 11:45 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> I hear from the VST developers mailing list that.
> 1) Bidule was the only host that allowed vst plugs to freely sync with 
>each other.( don't know if it's
>    true, but I guess they meant Cubase/Ableton etc don't support it.

I'm no hardcore programmer, but I have had a very good experience with
syncing VST plug-ins in Bidule. That is on both OS X and Windows XP.
Bidule works the same on both systems, but I think it's even more
powerful when run on a Mac because it then also supports AU plug-ins.
I actually almost abandoned VST's on Mac - until Logelloop was
released, which unfortunately only supports two VST plug-ins (and only
in an effect send loop, no way to put plug-ins pre looper to play them
and loop the effect spiced sound).

> 2) Steinberg are going to drop that functionality from the specs for vst 
>with the next
>    big upgrade to the vst standard (vst3). It'll still be possible to 
>create hosts and plugs that
>    use that type of syncing, but it's unlikely to become widespread.

Oh, that was bad news. At least there are still enough syncable VST
plug-ins available to set up a good looping rig around Mobius in
Bidule on Windows. My Mobius laptop rig won't need any more VST's so I
am gladly backing it up, with all my license keys, for using it for
many years on many lappies in the future.

> Matthias Grob has been in contact with Plogue, it seems that Bidule is 
>not a significant source of income for them, they make a profit by 
>selling their 'technology' to other companies. However, Bidule is 
>important to them for publicity and as a demo.  They only have one 
>developer working on Bidule ( mostly to support changes in the OS), but 
>don't plan to abandon it.
> This explains why Bidule is still around, but not really changed much in 
>a couple of years.

Not necessarily all bad news. The fact that software doesn't change
may actually a good thing for active artists. Given the software works
well. This gives you a stable platform and instrument to develop your
musical expression with.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)