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Re: RE: 5 Things I'd like to see in 2008

> >>No, it's a laptop, and I wouldn't call that "roadworthy package".<<
> eh? please elaborate....   for me, a laptop with an external media drive
> is the ideal way to use s/w on the road. put it in a tough camera case &
> you're good to go. surely. what am I missing here? :-)

I mean "roadworthy" in the sense of going on the road as a musician. A 
"roadworthy package" for something that usually sits on some kind of table 
or stand during performance is a package where the device will not suffer 
damage if it gets thrown off the table onto the (possibly hard) stage or 
even audience space floor. For the typical laptop (a Macbook Pro was 
mentioned), this is not generally the case. 

You're of course right that it works really well if you put it into a 
sturdy case and only unpack it when you don't play music ;)