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AW: Tapping -- What are the tricks to staying synched to your rhythm section


> I've been using a digitech Jamman for about a year but only 
> privately. I'd like to start using it live but can't seem to 
> figure out how to stay synched when I practice with a drum 
> machine. (I don't even want to try it out in band practice 

There is one good way, and that is to use MIDI sync. For that, you need a
looper that syncs to MIDI clock and a drum machine that outputs MIDI clock
or vice versa. Everything else is not big fun...for another suggestion, see

> So, what's the trick: In live settings do you just get the 
> drummer to follow the loop? 

Having the drummer follow the loop will work in most ensemble situations
where the rhythm is based on the drum part a lot. Another approach (which
also works with drum machines, and which Per also pointed out) is to
manually retrigger the loop to stay in sync...don't know if the Digitech
Jamman kan do it.

Then, you can use loops that work well with the music even if they drift 
of sync...

> a looper(s). It seems like he might have to use two in order 
> to do verse/chorus/bridge-type songs. Or is that done in a 
> different way?)

Use a looper that can hold different loops in memory and switch between 
seamlessly...I believe the Digitech Jamman can do that.