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Hex Pickups {was: Re: OT: Check out the Robot Guitar!}

Chris Sewell wrote:
> I don't get the Digital one either. So it sends out 6 different 
> signals, What are you supposed to do with that? It doesn't have midi 
> like every other Hex pickup.
No hex pickup that I ever heard of has MIDI.  A hex pickup has, well, 
six pickups, one per string.  Additional hardware is always required to 
convert these six signals into MIDI, no matter where you locate that 
extra hardware.  The Casio MIDI guitars just happen to include that 
hardware in the guitar itself.  But the hex pickup itself is not MIDI 
without the help of extra electronics.

Side note: IIRC, there was a Craig Anderton project that was a fuzz box 
but did it by breaking the bandwidth into multiple frequency bands, 
distorting each one individually, and then recombining the outputs.  
This method was supposed to be an improvement over distorting the 
original, full bandwidth signal.  With that in mind, and with a little 
knowledge about intermodulation distortion, I would love to hear a 
guitar played through its hex pickup where each string's output goes to 
its own guitar amp.  Six amps and, for the ultimate control freak, six 
multieffect processors!  I'm sure someone may have done this already but 
I'd sure love to hear the results.