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AW: Hex Pickups {was: Re: OT: Check out the Robot Guitar!}

> Side note: IIRC, there was a Craig Anderton project that was 
> a fuzz box but did it by breaking the bandwidth into multiple 
> frequency bands, distorting each one individually, and then 
> recombining the outputs.  

This is what a lot of Eventide boxes, e.g. the Eclipse, do.

> This method was supposed to be an improvement over distorting 
> the original, full bandwidth signal.  With that in mind, and 
> with a little knowledge about intermodulation distortion, I 
> would love to hear a guitar played through its hex pickup 
> where each string's output goes to its own guitar amp.  Six 
> amps and, for the ultimate control freak, six multieffect 
> processors!  I'm sure someone may have done this already but 
> I'd sure love to hear the results.

The Roland VG series (the VBass and the VG-99 and I believe also the VG-88)
have this polydistortion instrument model with one distortion for each