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Re: the Looper makers on this list (was: What's the best vocal looper to buy)

thank you for forwarding, Andy!

this list grew out of making the EDP!
I started a community in '92 with Eric, Willy, Ljubo, Michael Peters  
and others and '94 Kim joined and brought us on line in '96, together  
with another root that came from the DT list...
and list members Andre LaFosse, Andy Butler, Claude Voit, Bernhard  
Wagner and others turned into makers of the EDP!

many other loop tools grew out of this list and their makers like Bob,  
Mike, Jeff, Jesse, Os, Aaron,,, are more or less present.
we also had visits of the older masters Gary Hall (PCM42), Bob Sellom  
(PCM42, JamMan) !
the products we create are not limited to the vision of some 9-5  
engineers but turn into pools for all the ideas and wishes flying  
arround here...

Looping is not so much a new technology as a new way to create, an new  
category of tools (neither instrument nor effect nor recorder...) and  
we even experience a new spirit of collaboration... some kind of a  
friendly industry branch?
well, nobody made the big money yet, which usually attracts the  
sharks ;-)
...and Roland, who made the most money with the least suitable tool,  
is not present.

I confess that I dont look through all LD mails any more :-(
during many years I spent hours and hours to explain all I knew about  
the EDP and Art as clear and short as possible...
so sometimes I dont answer because I think the answer is arround in  
the archives or with members that went into it
and some things I forgot because I dont use it and was involved with  
other technology
but some times I love to say something new and spend time for research  
and typing what is not my language...
...and recently I came back to programming for LOOP, so I may start  
questions here ;-)

in any case, I am happy if you copy a mail to me privately if you feel  
its of interest for me
or if you think I should say something about it!

I hope I manage to make you the best vocal looper ;-)

On 9 Mar 2008, at 18:18, andy butler wrote:

>> the maker himself wrote in answer to the undo problem!!! i havent  
>> seen the RANG owners or the makers of the EDP ever respond to  
>> anything on this forum.
>> way to go Bob. ill start calling YOU tuner peg. lol.
>> looking forward to the UNDO. YESSSSSSSS.
> EDP "maker", and inventor of Undo,  Matthias Grob is always on hand  
> here.
> Kim Flint, his erstwhile partner in Aurisis (the company that  
> brought you the EDP)
> maintains this list more or less at his own expense.
> ,
> ...not to detract from Bob's achievement and dedication of course.
> andy butler