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Voice to MIDI thru voc proc and guitar synth?

Hi everybody,

I want to use my voice as a MIDI controller (i've always been one to  
push the envelope, so to speak).  I know, I could use a vocoder, but  
that limits to the presets available, usually.  I want to be able to  
control any MIDI instrument that is out there with my voice, and not  
rely solely on the vocoder patches that are available.

Hey, i know people are working on this (engineers and so forth), and  
it may be 10 years out, but I had a thought I wanted to run by some of  
you "makers" and other gear techs.

Really, something like the GR-20 just needs a signal to hit the pickup  
that sounds like a guitar to it, right?  So, would it be possible to  
use a vocal processor to make a voice sound enough like a guitar to  
fool the GR-20 to thinking that its hearing a guitar, and thereby  
convert the signal to MIDI controller data?  What if you mounted a  
GR-20 to something and amplified the guitarized voice against it to  
activate the pickup?

It really doesn't matter what the processed voice sounds like, as long  
ast the GR-20 would think its a guitar.

Is this too crazy to work?