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Laptops again

I'm sorry to feel the need to ask the laptop question here again, but here I am, staring that option in the face and getting a bit perplexed honestly.  So once again, a question to this fantastically knowledgeable group.

I'm considering going the laptop route primarily for video control and projection work, but I also think that I would like to try the musical laptop thing out as well so I'm trying to figure out what I actually need and can afford to do this.  I have limited resources and can't really stretch much farther than they are so its not good to know that for another $$$$ I could have Y that is much better than the lesser priced X.

So, fastest processor and max RAM are a given, but what do I need to look at beyond that?

I have a friend running a Macbook loaded with Live, Reactor, Augustus Loop, etc that looks to be well suited to the task and seems to work a charm so I have thought about a Macbook


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