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Re: Cd packaging

For my old band's last release, I bought a quantity of brown recycled 
cardboard CD mailers, then had a huge rubber stamp made to my design, 
about eight inches wide. I managed to also find a huge red inking pad, 
then individually stamped each cover. I made two other smaller stamps to 
add a bit more info on the back, put the cd inside in a thin CD 
envelope, and printed the liner notes myself which I also slipped 
inside. They looked great and unique, and were really cheap to make, I 
think the stamp cost me about $30 US and the mailers were less than a 
dollar each. The final package was also easy to mail as they were nearly 

(Here's a pic of a bunch of them drying - I underinked some for a 
rougher appearance...http://www.mhorse.com/Gfx/snuff_floor.jpg)

Daryl Shawn

> the uline folders are great, but please consider this:
> the cd may get scratched by the carton when inserting/taking it out.
> the material is too strong to go through a printer. so you may have to 
> work with glue/stickers or hand painting.
> smooth looping - tilmann
>> Someone on one of the lists I'm on (possibly even LD)
>> posted this a few months back:
>> <http://www.uline.com/ProductDetail.asp?model=S-7073>