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Re: Cd packaging

This is how my packaging of my first humble EP is designed... although I actually use plain corr cardboard for the mounting.  

it's taken a LOT of time to do each one... nearly 2.5 minutes from cut to shrink wrap... 

but you know what?  I love it!  

and I made a few special edition ones with old game boxes, like Backgammon, etc, and a few with odd shapes from Cereal and Pasta Boxes.

so hear hear, Ted!  great idea, and in fact I got a lot out of your post that I hadn't thought of as well, like TWINE!  

I bought the shrink wrapping kit, that was a good buy...  

All Best,  Todd

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 2:02 PM, greg williams <gregorwilliams@comcast.net> wrote:

This post gets my vote for the most entertaining of the week. Big Stupid DIY
ideas in full frontal glory :)

I laughed so hard reading this I almost spit out my coffee - which would be
a shame as I am enjoying a very fine blend at the moment.

Keep 'em coming Ted,


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I am going to suggest something a little "outside the box"here.

First go to: http://www.5inch.com/storage/disc_hubs

See what's there and think about it for a moment or two.

Close your eyes and use your imagination.

Okay, time's up.

This is only one suggestion out of 100s that you could try.

Conceivably, you could put one of those self-adhesive hubs on almost
anything that's durable . . but the following scheme will do.

Your (or your friend, rather) could make something of their own - and
make it "artistic" (and recyclable for that matter too) all at the same

Take old empty LP sleeves, cereal or detergent boxes, shoe boxes, or
any kind of cardboard material (with the more "vernacular" commercial
print stuff on it, the better, IMOHO).

Riffle through trash bins behind stores or go to garage sales if you
have to.

Cut pieces that are essentially 10" wide by 5" tall and NEATLY fold 'em
in half to 5" by 5".

Adhere hub to interior panel in exact middle of right-hand side.

Decorate outside with stick-on lettering or Avery adhesive labels you
can design on computer.

Be hap-hazard.

You can be tidy and fancy if you want . . . but a little rough and
intentionally tacky is better (trust me).

Each one will unavoidably be imperfect and unique - but that's totally
A-okay (it should be apparent that this can even be the point in this
little exercise).

Scribble some personal "doodles" around the hub.

Be quick . . . doodle . . . but don't dawdle.

Put your CD on the hub over the "doodles".

Paste any musical personnel, instrumentation and "thanks to" text on a
pre-printed Avery label on the left hand side.

Sign your name and the date beneath that on the left-hand side.

If you have access to such equipment, neatly shrink-wrap the folded

If you do not, put it in a tuck-n-fold or zip-lock baggy.

This will all take some effort and time, and of course it will be
"work" but it will also be fun too.

So enjoy it . . .

Tie the wrapped result with brown packing twine -- top to bottom and
side to side with a big friendly showlace-type "bow" out front (tight,
but not too tight).

If you send 100 to 500 of these packages out to radio programmers or
reviewers I GUARANTEE you will get both airplay and reviews (if the
music is good, of course)

And, if you give the very best ones out to your friends they will each
have a signed original work of post-modern artwork to remember you by.

This is not a suggestion that has no basis in practical experience.

A good friend of mine runs a small (but critically well-thought of)
record label.

This is (essentially in rough form) some of the secret of his success.

Truth be told, it is also somewhat inspired by some of Dr Eugene
Chadbourne's CD packaging too (which I admire).

Anyway, the object of packaging is more than just providing a container
for stuff.

It's to help you get noticed.

Once you HAVE been noticed it's up to you, your music and the
recipient's own particular tastes.

BTW, the other part of the this plan (which I unavoidably cannot
provide you) is a GOOD mailing list of 100 to 500 likely recipients.

That is something equally essential that you are likely only to develop
with connections . . . and luck.

Good luck

Best regards,

Ted Killian

On Mar 27, 2008, at 2:03 PM, Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote:

> Does anyone know of an outlet for unusual CD packaging in limited
> runs?  I have a friend looking for something other than the standard
> jewel case/digipak kind of thing and he hasn't been able to any
> sources yet.
>  Thanks
> Kevin
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