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That's too bad. I'm sorry you misinterpreted my post, Mark. /K
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... Kris,
I really found your post about mastering the guitar your ability, skills and superior knowledge, very po-faced and rather disgusting and surprising coming from you! I do acknowledge that you have some quite considerable skill in some kind of Jazz style guitar and you are someone with real devotion to the experimental side of things that I applaud!
But really... this was self congratulatory and condescending.

You whined:
Albeit, for artists who have not mastered their instruments, who are
intermediate players, and are not comfortable playing solo or looping with
just one accompanying loop, creating a wall of sound with loops, based on
more basic and easily executable parts, is an relatively easy way for them
to sound "better" or more accomplished than they really are. I know this
will likely irritate or offend some beginner loopers, but it's the fact of
the matter, and something looping technology has allowed.

I was irritated and offended by that, and Ive been playing for 38 years, played over a thousand gigs, and was on this list before you even had a delay pedal... (sic)

What IS it with people that they have to go on and on about skill, and talent and ability... Did PUNK mean NOTHING to you guys...??? We´re all getting on a bit on this list now, and NOW comes the danger that with wives and kids and mortgages, we sit back and pull out all those old King Crimson albums, going "nothing like the old stuff is there..."

Now Im not saying that letting a loop build and build till the ubiquitous wall of noise is really terribly interesting, no no, I keep MY loops very thin, prefering subs undo´s and inserts to overdubs, but blimey... I never thought LD would get so Muso!!! I hear alot of talk about REALLY FUCKING expensive bits of kit, and frankly wonder how some of you afford to keep changing it , upgrading it and buying the latest thing... I know I can´t (although my modular synth is a bit of a money pit - dont tell the wife) and I despair... well... this is rambling now... Ive gone off the point a bit... not only a bad guitarist, but a bad writer... sorry...

I don't mean to have a go specifically at you Kris, i respect alot of what you have done, but please stop the... "Oh the Youngsters have a lot to learn" talk... Its the non musician youngsters that will bring the next breakthrough in music, and we will be too old and miserable to notice...


PS: Anyone got a torrent for Altares Auto Tune??