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Re: OT tSHirts merCH Shwag

I did a vinyl single in 2001. Even then - before the iPod - not a lot of 
people bought 'em, but I'm so glad I did it. I went to the mastering 
session (taking the 1/4" mix on the plane with me - it was a 100% analog 
recording, no digital processes at all) just so I could see the lathe 
and scratch cryptic messages in the inner groove.

I love vinyl so much. Hope I get the chance (or make the indulgent 
excuse) to do it again.

Daryl Shawn

> We've thought about doing custom eye patches with our logo. I mean, 
> some bands do thongs so why not eye patches? It'd sell to the Pirate 
> demographic.
> On a more serious level, what about vinyl records as merch? I work at 
> a record store (yes, they do still exist), and easily a fourth of our 
> sales are vinyl. I've seen a number of bands who will release a disc 
> on vinyl and include a free MP3 download of the CD, thus bypassing the 
> whole CD medium. Anybody here pressed vinyl recently? My last one was 
> an EP from 1991.