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RE: line 6 M13

Official news from Line6: feedback level works on the whole loop, not just the overdubs.


dave eichenberger:  



From: William Walker [mailto:billwalker@baymoon.com]
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 I believe the one cloud in that silver lining is the feedback, I believe, only works on over dubbed material, not the initial loop. I called there support center today and the guy could not definitely say whether or not this was true, and for some reason was not able to have me talk to the one guy in tech support who knows the thing inside and out and actually did beta testing, he mumbled something about the automated switch board service not allowing them to pass calls from one to another…ah the corporate world……. This is not a bad thing as it does have two expression pedal ports with the ability to set one for loop volume and the other for feedback. So though you may not be able to be able to use feedback as a way of fading out the whole loop you could use a pedal to manually fade out. I’ve been doing this for years with a DL-4.