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Re: Will this work as an easy alternative for EDP footswitch?

hi Marcus, 

Unfortunately the edp needs a midi controller that sends something 
when the switch is released, so one that only sends ProgCh (on the 
downpress) is 
not going to work.

This is because edp distinguishes between longpress and shortpress.
..so you wouldn't be able to duplicate the exact working of an
edp with a footcontroller that had Note-On/Off 

Only way round would be to have seperate switches for the LongPress and 
( e.g. a LongPress of the Record button is Reset)

For Shortpress, you'd need to convert PrgCh into a Note-On, Note-Off pair.
(right now, I don't see that Bidule can do that, but if you're really
  interested I'll go full out to find a way).

Bidule is the host of choice for Matthias and myself,
it's great for live audio work,
but if you're just wanting to handle midi, I wonder if
there's something more suitable that would allow you 
to easily convert one midi command into a midi string. 

andy butler

Why not just get an fcb1010? 
(just asking)

marcus kirby wrote:
> I don't know if anyone is familiar with plogue's 'bidule', but I have 
> used it in the past, and it's a very advanced midi routing program. 
> Essentially, I think that I could use a simple midi controller that only 
> sends pcs, and translate those into specific velocity/channel/note 
> controls, i.e. assign button 1 on my midi controller to trigger the 
> release of a variable that triggers a function on the EDP.
> Anyone worked with bidule or think this is possible?