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more VG-99 questions

Recent talk about the VG-99, and a financially successful yard sale this
past weekend, has me jonesin' to own one.
    How's the GK-3 pickup? Should I consider a dedicated hex-output guitar,
like a Godin, ferinstance? Should I consider the GKKITG3 on-board system?
I'm excellent with tools and guitar electronics, and I can play very
    And how's the MIDI tracking in a live context? I dig that folks say 
can send MIDI to their 'puters for future use, but how's it track in real
    And, bummer of bummers, it seems that *some* effects are polyphonic,
while others are not. Like the Slow Gear is polyphonic (yay!) but the Ring
Mod is not (boo!)? Might someone bother to list *what* is/isn't polyphonic?
    Where else might I go to get the big picture on this piece of gear?
(I've read a few reviews, and checked the Roland site, including scanning a
bit of the manual.) I'm deep into the GT series of pedals, by the way.
Thanks loads in advance,
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

"Nikola Tesla is the fifth Beatle."
- Taylor Baldwin, 11