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Re: OT: Dummy-Plug Trick for SL-20 Slice

At 2:17 PM -0700 8/31/08, Rick Walker wrote:
>Dear Mech
>Your dummy plug trick is such a clever and simple idea
>and really makes things interesting for the slicer.
>Thanks for thinking of it.     It's one of those great ideas that are so
>simple that I think,  "why didn't I think of that"
>You made my day, Mech,    thanks!

De nada, Rick.  Only glad to finally be able to quid pro quo for all 
the valuable advice I've gotten from you.  Besides, it's such a 
simple thing that if I hadn't posted this, somebody else would have 
flashed onto it pretty quickly.

Also, I haven't played with it yet, but looking through the manual, 
there's also a setting that lets you determine whether the Direct 
signal is also affected by those Stereo Output Modes.  So, it looks 
like you could have your dry signal signal bouncing in and out the 
same as the effected signal.

Additionally, I'm wondering if your old Ampliton trick might work 
here too: the one where you were plugging two completely different 
mono signals into the stereo inputs, then letting the internal 
oscillators mix between the two different sound sources.  If the 
Slicer's Stereo Output Modes affect the dry signal, I don't see why 
you couldn't do something similar -- with or without the effected 

"when you think your dreams are shattered, it's time to dream new dreams"