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Re: VG-99 Yes it can

At 9:26 AM -0700 8/31/08, David Coffin wrote:
>Hear, hear!
>On all points, except that "competition" thing. Consider THAT race 
>conceded. Period:)

Heh!  Sorry to call you out like that, David.  But after all your 
wonderful work on the VG-8, you definitely still deserve a huge tip 
of the hat.  :)

>Not that there's any kind of a race, of course, or that I'm giving 
>up anything; the 99 is a fascinating box and I'm determined to dig 
>deep as soon as time permits.

Hope you can free up some time to woodshed with it a little while.  I 
can hardly wait to see what you come up with!!!

>I certainly hope some more Loopers get on the VG train, too. Can we 
>hear YOUR VG work somewhere, Mech? Your review was great; very 

Cool, thanks for the compliments David, I'm glad you found the review 
interesting.  However, as to why it's not easy to find my work, 
there's a very simple reason for that: I suck.  :D

Okay, that's perhaps a bit harsh.  Were I a poet, I might opine that 
my muse is fickle and fleeting.  The truth of the matter is that I'm 
an anal-retentive perfectionist with a short attention span.  So, by 
the time I get a piece kicked into something even mildly approaching 
a finished state, I can't stand it any longer.  <*thud*>

 From there, it almost always goes into the rubbish bin.

My wife keeps threatening to record and upload some of this noodling 
I'm doing all the time.  Maybe I should just let her.  At least 
something would get out there, "finished" or otherwise.  ;)

"we're no longer sure where home is; homesickness is our only guide"