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Re: VG-99 Yes it can

Hi, Mech

Yeah, sucking IS a problem; I know it well.

But I've been thinking lately (after hearing all of Bill R's amazing  
patch demos once again) that maybe what distinguishes MY VG  
programming, its STRENGTH, if you will, has probably always been that  
I use my VGs as tools for getting around that fact that I suck, while  
Bill's clearly coming at it as an actually useful PLAYER, somebody who  
knows how to play what he hears, and what other folks want to hear,  
and thinks of sounds as being components in competent, real-world- 
approved mixes; very different from my efforts to find a sound that I  
can stand listening to myself suck while playing, all alone with my  
loop clones and my mangling devices, and with no danger of anyone  
asking to hear what I'm doing in there with all that gear, or asking  
me to do anything specific with them.... Nice to see that there's  
probably a place for BOTH approaches!

Plus, I take full advantage of the fact that anything I DO record and  
dare to "present," I can always fall back on describing as just a  
patch or gear demo, you know, nothing more ambitious, certainly NOT an  
audition, or anything; it's comforting:)

So, head over to the vgforums and post us a patch or two, and send  
along a little mp3! It's all interesting...

And thanks again for your posts; enjoying the glimpses of your world.

On Sep 2, 2008, at 5:31 PM, Mech wrote:

> At 9:26 AM -0700 8/31/08, David Coffin wrote:
>> Hear, hear!
>> On all points, except that "competition" thing. Consider THAT race  
>> conceded. Period:)
> Heh!  Sorry to call you out like that, David.  But after all your  
> wonderful work on the VG-8, you definitely still deserve a huge tip  
> of the hat.  :)
>> Not that there's any kind of a race, of course, or that I'm giving  
>> up anything; the 99 is a fascinating box and I'm determined to dig  
>> deep as soon as time permits.
> Hope you can free up some time to woodshed with it a little while.   
> I can hardly wait to see what you come up with!!!
>> I certainly hope some more Loopers get on the VG train, too. Can we  
>> hear YOUR VG work somewhere, Mech? Your review was great; very  
>> tantalizing--thanks!
> Cool, thanks for the compliments David, I'm glad you found the  
> review interesting.  However, as to why it's not easy to find my  
> work, there's a very simple reason for that: I suck.  :D
> Okay, that's perhaps a bit harsh.  Were I a poet, I might opine that  
> my muse is fickle and fleeting.  The truth of the matter is that I'm  
> an anal-retentive perfectionist with a short attention span.  So, by  
> the time I get a piece kicked into something even mildly approaching  
> a finished state, I can't stand it any longer.  <*thud*>
> From there, it almost always goes into the rubbish bin.
> My wife keeps threatening to record and upload some of this noodling  
> I'm doing all the time.  Maybe I should just let her.  At least  
> something would get out there, "finished" or otherwise.  ;)
>       --m.
> -- 
> _____
> "we're no longer sure where home is; homesickness is our only guide"