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Re: more VG-99 questions

I own both an RMC system mounted in a Flamenco, and a couple of new GK’s, one internal mounted on a strat, the other not in use at the moment, I think the tracking is pretty similar on both systems but that is running through and ancient GR-30 which I haven’t touched in ages. Now I’m starting to look at things like the VG 99 and lap top soft synths to start getting back into sound design and also notation software, so I appreciate the feed back about Sibelius. Thanks for that info Chris.

 One thing I noticed on both systems was that what ever I could do to minimize bridge vibration helped prevent the dreaded yodeling of the note as they died out. This includes keeping height adjustment screws level for each string on strat style bridges and enough downward angle on tuneamatic style bridges (but not too much) to minimize bridge rattle. Tone Pros locking studs and anchors help minimize vibration on  tuneamatic and wrap around bridge types.  Floyd Rose type bridges are actually great for GK pickups as they are more rock solid and a bit less prone to rattle if properly maintained.  I use a Wilkinson designed tremolo bridge that has stamped steel saddles that lock down, and is less vibration prone than a stop fender bridge. It has helped. I got it through Allparts http://www.allparts.com/store/guitar-bridges-vintage-style-tremolos-sb-5315-001,Product.asp,  they make the same model with two point studs as well as the 6 screw type. Way cool push in tremolo bar as well.  Incidently graphite necks work great with Midi pickups and there are now more affordable options to Modulus. The best tracking guitar synth I ever had was a roland GR505 through a Gr300 that I put a Korean made Hohner graphite neck i bought at my first NAMM show, ah the 80’s   . I bought the GR system  from a I guy who had just returned from living in Hawaii, and when I opened the control cavity to take a look inside, I found a dead cockroach!!!! Maybe it added more mass!!!!

 Also, fresh strings make a difference in midi guitar performance as does having a well intonated and in tune guitar. Ditto with frets, pits and flat spots can cause the midi pickup to false trigger as well.

 Another thing that seems to help tracking and sustain is adding mass at the head stock, A big fat neck doesn’t hurt either, but for those who don’t have a big necked instrument something like a groove tubes fat finger can often times eliminate dead spots that can cause notes  to decay rapidly  and the midi pickup to glitch, hiccup, yodel or other wise frustrate you. Even a heavy guitar like a Les Paul, that doesn’t have a big neck could benefit from adding mass at the neck via something like a fat finger, Actually I can’t think of any other product like the Fat Finger. Small C clamp from a hardware store?  That would be attractive.

I think that tracking is slightly better on the bass strings with the RMC than the GK but not that significantly faster. I like how the new GK mounts with the harness they provide, which allows the option on most electric guitars to move it from guitar to guitar. There may always be some latency with pitch to voltage style pickups like these.  though from the demos I’ve had the Axiom seems to have an edge.  I think for the players who live with that latency do so because of the world of sound options it opens up.  Think moving from Kindergarten Crayons, to the Complete Crayon set!!