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Re: Cutting up the FCB-1010 (removing expression pedals)?

andy butler wrote:
>>> One more nice thing would be to have _optional_ connectors for 1-2 
>>> Roland EV5 Expression pedals.
>>> Buzap
> van Sinn wrote
>> I don't subscribe to that list.  AFAICT, it shouldn't be too difficult 
>> fitting a couple connectors for using other expression pedals with the 
>> fcb1010, as it has calibration routines build into it's software.
>> I don't know the ohm'ic range of it's buildin expression pedals, so 
>> I'd guess some external pedal will work, others not.
>> In any case you should use linial (volume) pedals, else you'll have 
>> all the action coming at the pedals end of sweep.
> The fcb1010 pedals are Optical.

Well yes.. but the optical part of the assembly still results in a 
variable resistanse of sorts, so it's should be possible to use another.

> ...but if you need the pedals, why not leave them on  ;-)

;) sure, unless one wants a pedal with a different feel to it..

> andy

van Sinn