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Re: ( Mobius rhythmic accuracy) was: now That First Loop

Yes Andy that seems to be the case i am going to mess with the 
compensation feature and get back to you guys
Also let me know if this mail is going privately or to the list  i checked 
my preferences and everything seems cool(but perhaps the spam filter)
ill check it out again

> > 
> correct in what you say,
> if Mobius latency correction is too great,
> or it's used when you're listening to your sound
> coming through the pc,
> (and you're compensating for latency by ear), 
> then Mobius will change the loop playback position so that 
> the loop audio arrives at your ear ahead of when it's
> expected.
> (it doesn't have to read your mind, just miss out
> playing the beginning of the loop)
> andy butler