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RE: ( Mobius rhythmic accuracy) was: now That First Loop

It sounds like output latency is too high.  For ASIO devices we usually
start with a requested latency of 5ms which results in input and output
block sizes of 256.  The drivers then sometimes report a little
extra latency for the DAC, usually 50 or less.  So, input and output
latency should both be in the range of 250 to 300.

The default latency values are displayed in the "Current device
reports xxx" text next to the latency override text boxes.  Sometimes
this is not reported accurately so you need to override latency
by entering numbers into the two text boxes.  If the reported
output latency is way above 250 (assuming you have 5ms suggested
latency) then enter 250 and see how that sounds.

When output latency is way high sometimes input latency is reported
as zero, apparently because they report the "full path" latency
as output latency rather than splitting it.  In this case you
need to manually set input latency to 250.

Basically, input and output latency should start out fairly close
to each other and for 5ms should be near 250.   After that you
can start tweaking it if it doesn't sound quite right.