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RE: FC-300 Repeater

Thanks for the info.  I finally got the repeater to respond last night.  It must be an issue with my particular unit, but it seems that no matter what I have the midi channel set to on the repeater, it only responds on channel 16.  which is fine, now that I know that.

Its good to see how you've programmed it.  So many options.  CC mode is the most appealing because of being able to use all the pedals.  I like the idea of using the different modes.  That may work out.

Thanks again,

> From: tcplugin@scarlet.be
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: RE: FC-300 Repeater
> Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 23:56:07 +0200
> Yes, patch mode allows you to use any midi channel per CTL or EXP pedal
> (incl. the external ones). With the EXP pedals you can send up to 6
> control messages on different midi channels, for example a volume
> cross-fade with 2 different devices. The standard and control modes uses
> the global midi channel and both the CTL and EXP pedals can only send 1
> CC message.
> I have been experimenting with all modes the last couple of months to
> minimize the "tap dancing". Tip: keep in mind you can control multiple
> devices on the same midi channel, but you have to be sure you use
> different control change messages for each device. That's how I use my
> FC-300 now, because this allows you to use the CC mode and you then have
> 10 CTL pedals per setup in stead of 2 in patch mode :) So at the moment
> I use a combination of Control mode and Standard mode and I switch from
> STD to CC mode with a additional Boss footswitch.
> Standard mode
> * Pedal 1-8 selects the corresponding LP1 track
> * CTL1=midi sync/overdub
> * CTL2=erase track => my emergency button :)
> Control mode
> * 1-10: midi sync/overdub, stop, play, fade, swell, reverse, half speed,
> low scramble, mid scramble, high scramble
> * CTL1:previous track
> * CTL2: next track
> All modes:
> * Expression pedal 1: Volume
> * Expression pedal 2: Feedback
> * 1 FS-6 footswitch connect to switch modes (CC-STD)
> PS I just uploaded my LP1 and FC-300 setup, see
> http://euroloopfest.com/sjaak/lp1.htm
> ---
> Sjaak
> http://www.livelooping.be/
> http://www.overgaauw.be/
> http://www.myspace.com/sjaakovergaauw

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