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RE: ( Mobius rhythmic accuracy) was: now That First Loop

> would you please guide me through how to manipulate the output of all 
>tracks? anybody?
> I go to midi control then:
> under function-track group
>       control-output level
>       configuration-basic looping
> but only one track is responding

Are you trying to assign a different MIDI controller to each track
output level?  If so you will need to make 8 MIDI assignments.  Select
"Output Level" from the center Control window.  Below in the Scope
selector select "Track 1" use MIDI Capture or manually select
the MIDI controller you want to use for track 1.  Repeat this
process for the other tracks by changing the Scope.

I don't mind answering these questions over here but we should
probably move this over to the Mobius Yahoo group so we
can free up LD for political discussions :-)