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Re: Best way to use EDP & tube amp w/out an effects loop?


One solution is guitar into your vintage tube amp, mike that into the EDP 
and run the output into something with tons of clean headroom like a 
Fender Twin, or even something solid state, since you're real tone shaping 
is coming from the vintage amp and you really don't want anything that's 
going to break up or distort after going through the EDP.


> Zak Kramer wrote:
> > I love the sound of a great guitar through a vintage style tube amp. 
> > This probably makes me somewhat of a looping oddity...I like the 
> > contrast between old school sounds & new school techniques. Thing is, 
> > that forces me to run the EDP in front of the amp. Some guitar/amp 
> > combos fare better than others, but it's certainly a compromise. 
> > Sometimes it's not even that -- it just sucks; lots of noise, 
> > decapitated high end, etc.
> > 
> > So, I take it that the solution is an effects loop. But it's a pretty 
> > rare '62 Princeton that has an effects loop, and I'm not about to mod 
> > mine so extensively.
> > 
> > If I understand these things correctly, adding a mixer won't be any 
> > advantage (although it'd let me use other instruments, but let's stick 
> > with guitar right now.)
> > 
> > So...is the solution to get a different amp with an effects loop, or 
> > there some other tactic I'm missing (which I'm hoping is the case)?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
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