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loop music/video tribute to Dr. Richard Zvonar

I just finished making a lo fi , toy video cam 'animation'
for the looping piece that I wrote as a memorial to our
dear friend and Loopers Delight scholar,  Dr. Richard Zvonar
who passed away, far too early from throat cancer.

The piece and the video are called    "Adios,  Dr. Z"

I've had the music for a while now, but never had the right image for
it all until yesterday.

Yesterday,  I found a whole bunch of cheap 50 cent plastic magnifying 
You know how people will put a little piece of see through plastic that 
a lens before you use it for the first time?    Well each of these 
magnifying glasses
had a little piece of clear plastic over the lens which made the low 
glass lens even lower quality.

I taped three of them together and then used them as an ersatz lo fi filter
for my 25 dollar Aiptek Video Camera.

I then put the audio track through the Windows Media player random mode
and hand held, filmed the screen as the music made the color organ change
while struggling to keep my 'filter' on at the same time. 

It's really lo fidelity and even lower once I edited it slightly (fades 
and blackouts
only, really) and rendered it in Vegas Video.     I like that.

I think it really captured the rather magical melancholy of the piece.
I hope you like it.

It is sent out as a very loving tribute to Richard who I miss terribly.