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Re: loop music/video tribute to Dr. Richard Zvonar

rip dr. zvonar
that iz a great tribute to the mann, Mr. Rick
i spoke w/ the Dr. @ a few Y2Ks and he was always very accomadating to 
someone nott on his level of expertise...
he liked my original EH 16 sec.delay pedal that i still have and i think 
he brought it up @ one of his talks @ Y2K something er other...

>I just finished making a lo fi , toy video cam 'animation'
>for the looping piece that I wrote as a memorial to our
>dear friend and Loopers Delight scholar,  Dr. Richard Zvonar
>who passed away, far too early from throat cancer.
>The piece and the video are called    "Adios,  Dr. Z"
>I've had the music for a while now, but never had the right image for
>it all until yesterday.
>Yesterday,  I found a whole bunch of cheap 50 cent plastic magnifying 
>You know how people will put a little piece of see through plastic that 
>a lens before you use it for the first time?    Well each of these 
>magnifying glasses
>had a little piece of clear plastic over the lens which made the low 
>glass lens even lower quality.
>I taped three of them together and then used them as an ersatz lo fi 
>for my 25 dollar Aiptek Video Camera.
>I then put the audio track through the Windows Media player random mode
>and hand held, filmed the screen as the music made the color organ change
>while struggling to keep my 'filter' on at the same time. 
>It's really lo fidelity and even lower once I edited it slightly (fades 
>and blackouts
>only, really) and rendered it in Vegas Video.     I like that.
>I think it really captured the rather magical melancholy of the piece.
>I hope you like it.
>It is sent out as a very loving tribute to Richard who I miss terribly.