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Re: AW: The ethics of software emulations?

it may be a good refresher to read the story again



Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill a écrit :
>>  > I think there's a case (that has been made to me explicitly,
>> actually)
>>  > that even a free product like Mobius hurts the income of 
>> the EDP or  > other developers
> Which is the same case that an artist like Per Boysen or Krispen Hartung 
> Steve Coleman who makes albums available for free download (based on
> whatever model) hurts the income of Lars Ulrich or Britney Spears or 
> musicians.
> I'm also with Jeff regarding the fact that Mobius isn't a software 
> of an EDP, but a different beast altogether.
> And as Jeff stated in another message, a lot of the concepts implemented 
> the EDP were prior art at the time the EDP was released. I wonder: was 
> of the "EDP stuff" protected by a patent or petty patent? Are their
> protection still valid?
>       Rainer