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AW: The ethics of software emulations?

>  > I think there's a case (that has been made to me explicitly,
> actually)
>  > that even a free product like Mobius hurts the income of 
> the EDP or  > other developers

Which is the same case that an artist like Per Boysen or Krispen Hartung or
Steve Coleman who makes albums available for free download (based on
whatever model) hurts the income of Lars Ulrich or Britney Spears or 

I'm also with Jeff regarding the fact that Mobius isn't a software version
of an EDP, but a different beast altogether.

And as Jeff stated in another message, a lot of the concepts implemented in
the EDP were prior art at the time the EDP was released. I wonder: was any
of the "EDP stuff" protected by a patent or petty patent? Are their
protection still valid?