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Re: AW: The ethics of software emulations?

On 27 Sep 2008, at 18:32, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

>>> I think there's a case (that has been made to me explicitly,
>> actually)
>>> that even a free product like Mobius hurts the income of
>> the EDP or  > other developers
> Which is the same case that an artist like Per Boysen or Krispen  
> Hartung or
> Steve Coleman who makes albums available for free download (based on
> whatever model) hurts the income of Lars Ulrich or Britney Spears or  
> similar
> musicians.

no, what hurts them is that their music is available for 1-2$ on the  
street. In Brasil CD prices dropped a lot due to piracy. the stars  
loose sales numbers and the small musicians have to sell at lower  
prices :-(
> I'm also with Jeff regarding the fact that Mobius isn't a software  
> version
> of an EDP, but a different beast altogether.
> And as Jeff stated in another message, a lot of the concepts  
> implemented in
> the EDP were prior art at the time the EDP was released.

Prior to EDP was Overdub and Feedback, and tap tempo.
It seems to me that I invented Record, Multiply, Undo, BrotherSync...  
and swiss friends added ideas. - all that worked in the LOOP delay  
before it came to US.
Since we saw Lexicon employees watch carefully our show at the FF  
Messe in 1993, we don know whether some of those funcions had already  
be created for the JamMan, which came only a half year later...
Then Keith McMillan, Kim Flint, Claude Voit, Andy Butler, Andree  
LaFosse, Per Boysen and others added function ideas...
> I wonder: was any
> of the "EDP stuff" protected by a patent or petty patent? Are their
> protection still valid?

no, I dont believe much in patents.
>       Rainer