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Re: OT: McCains Howard Dean Moment.

 > (OK, One more time around with Mr. Larson, and then I am done here on
 > the main LD list.)


 > No argument. My pleasure. You now know completely on which side  
you are standing.

Hmm, I'm not sure I do but thanks for the hint.

 > I may just "appreciate" them and their importance more than you are
 > possibly aware of, and I still stand by what I previously said.  I
 > usually do. But, whatever.  Wait until after Nov. 4th. You'll see...

Honestly I think the economic crisis has won the election for Obama.
I'm not necessarily sad about that, but if the Republican/Industrial/ 
machine was that powerful, shouldn't they have been able to defer that
until after the election?

 > I will take (what appears on the surface to possibly be a patronizing
 > reply here) as a compliment (or "compliment")


 >> Being a contrarian is an occasional hobby of mine, and it never  
fails to amuse.

 > But, it is also a "glass house" that anyone who is not strong enough
 > to be able to survive in unscathed should be cautious of about  
 > the door to such an abode, and deciding to take residence therein,  
 > to operate out of.  "Caveat incola".

Will there be a bathroom in there?  Because I like bathrooms.

 >> So if ya want ta fuck with me, ya know where I am :-)

 > Is this some of that "adult" language you were previously  
referring to
 > in an earlier post? :-)

Ya betcha!  :-)