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Re: tengential: need a new volume pedal...which one?

I loved my Morley optical wah/volume but it died like all do eventually. It was a long time ago and it seems I tried to get it fixed, but... crs kicks in here.
I now use an Ernie Ball jr and love it. I like the switch on the inside of Ernies that go between two different sweeps.
audio vs linear? Anyway I prefer the more even taper rather than the one where most of the action is at the end of the pedal travel. thats switch down on mine.
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You can send your pedal back to EB who'll completely rebuild it.  Or, you can try a Visual Volume--the only volume pedal I found that just makes everything quieter.


On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 8:04 PM, George Ludwig <sfmissionman@yahoo.com> wrote:
My trusty Ernie Ball pedal that I've had for centuries has gotten noisy a f*ck. I took it apart some time ago and pried open the sealed pot and cleaned it, and that helped for a year or two. But the noise has come back.

I'm intrigued by the optical volume pedal by Morley. Any suggestions?


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