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Re: Moebius newbie PMC-10

 > Moebius didn't react - what do I have to do to make it recognize
 > the PMC-10?

Mobius doesn't care about particular brands of pedal, it just
recieves MIDI events.  So first you have to use the
Configuration->Midi Devices dialog to select one or more
MIDI input devices.

Unlike the EDP where you just set one "Source #" for a range
of notes or CC's that are automatically bound to functions,
in Mobius you have to program the function bindings one
at a time.  In other words, with the EDP you program your
footswitch to match EDP function numbers, with Mobius
you program Mobius to match whatever your footswitch is sending.

Bring up the Configuration->MIDI Control dialog and press
some PCM-10 buttons.  You should see messages in the little
box at the bottom showing you what the footswitch is sending.
Select a function from the list on the left.  Check the MIDI Capture
checkbox.  Now Mobius will "learn" whatever switch you press
and assign it to the selected function.  Continue this for
other functions.  Be sure to press Ok when you're done.