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Re: Moebius newbie PMC-10

besides jeff's input, also take into account that mobius can deal with vst midi ports, so if you hosted the plugin into some daw, make sure you selected the correct one in "MIDI devices" (i think, don't have mobius in this computer to check the exact tab) . i had similar problems while using mobius(vst)+ableton, since the last one was intercepting the MIDI streams, not reaching mobius unless checking the vst midi input in mobius. with bidule it was easier.

not the case if you are using the standalone version.


2008/11/22 Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de>
I'm finally going software now ... just tried Moebius for the first time in
combination with my PMC-10 (that I used to control my EDP with). While
Matthias Grob's EDP LoopV emulation (which is still in beta) recognized the
PMC-10 and its commands immediately, Moebius didn't react - what do I have
to do to make it recognize the PMC-10?


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