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Re: Gordius foot controller user experiences

Buzap Buzap wrote:
> Concerning features, I never had any doubts.
> But this is the critical part: 
>>> * Button click noise: how does it range on a scale from 1 (you won't
>>> hear it even when performing 4:33) to 10 (you'd hear it even when
>>> performing with Motörhead)
> Can you give a precise estimation (1-10)?

with sensible examples I might :-)

> I don't know th EH Stereo Memory Man. 

Rainer has one tho'

> I just once had the EH Fooswitch (Nano Switchblade): 
> I have traded it with a Boss Pedal because the EH was too loud: 
> So, what is a realistic estimation - more like the EH or Boss switch?

i don't have either of those

Gordius is slightly louder than fcb1010 when doing rhythmically accurate 
...but can be used with less force, so could be quieter.

> best regards
> Buzap