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Re: ART Regular Output vs. Inspiration

Andy that's it!!!  Less is Really More:  Being fortunate enough to grow up 
during the 70's and early 80's, I noticed a common denominator and 
standard among the top bands and solo acts,  whether they were the 
neighborhood "stars" or national icons regardless of genre is they played 
and practiced until they became "one" with their instrument and used their 
respective instrument as a tool of inner expression. Pouring more time, 
sweat and tears into commanding the instrument freed them from relying so 
much on technology to accomplish powerful forms of musical expression. Of 
course they were somewhat concerned about tone, effects, etc, but 
corporately they were not as "manic" about it as many Professional or 
Hobby musicians are these days.            Less emphasis on technology + 
more on commanding the instrument =  Mucho more musical ability and more 
artistic output.     My musical mantra is to ""Walk softly and Pack a lot 
of Ability".  Somehow, Someway, I will get there, Someday.  Humbly,  
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> You know, i am not a hippie and wasnt born in that time but  
> when i see all those classic rock bands it seems the last thing they 
> cared about is the sound system,and although they had limited gear they 
>did so much with it.

Grateful Dead, famous for their innovative "wall of sound" sound system.
Pink Floyd, innovators of the quadrophonic pa.
Led Zep, well known for the loudest pa.

Bands cared about the live sound in those days.

What is not ever mentioned is that live sound in the mid 70's
was generally much better than it is today,
nowadays gigs aren't about that at all.

andy butler


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