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Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce, secret goo

My God, who gives a fuck. Seriously. I'm Out.
On Dec 20, 2008, at 12:14 PM, Rainer Straschill wrote:

>> Electric Guitar is the only instrument where "tone" is generally  
>> held to come from "gear".
>> For all other instruments "tone" is referred to as an ability of  
>> the player.
> Sorry Andy, but I believe you're wrong about that. It is
> well-understood among pianists that e.g. a Bösendorfer sounds
> different (and better) than a cheap Kawai and different (though not
> necessarily better) than a Steinway. And the same is true for
> trombones (and trombone mouthpieces), saxes (and sax mouthpieces and
> reeds), and don't even start to discuss the "tone" of different
> violins...
> The difference with electric guitar with regard to other instruments
> is that tone also comes from gear that is not considered part of the
> instrument (amp, effects).