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Re: OT While my guitar gently weeps


  Linda Eastman took a great photo of George Harrison working on that 
song in the studio... He played the Bass on that track, a Fender Jazz 
Bass on which he played chords....

>On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 11:15 PM, Charles Zwicky 
><cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>  The Leslie cabinet is a fact, not a guess, Per.  As for the guitar 
>>  this is also well documented, it was a Les Paul....
>Well, until you told me it was "a guess" as far as I'm concerned,
>since I was just talking about what I heard (not being very interested
>in reading about recordings). And I was obviously wrong about that Les
>Paul... although it definitely sounds close to a Telecaster!
>Thank you Charles and Darryl for giving the correct details! Much
>appreciated. :-)
>Regarding that tune, While My Guitar G..., I never stop admiring the
>arrangement and how they voiced the guitar chords, plus that lead
>guitar line, so nicely! Paul's bass is also very impressing on that
>song. A lot of the White Album recordings still amaze me... everything
>so musical and perfectly in tune and yet they perform with such duende
>that you almost feel the mixing console circuits being ripped apart by
>the overtones in voices and guitars. Guess they had been playing very
>much together to reach that stage. And they had a good producer
>looking over the recording and preproduction ;-)