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Re: OT Tremelos, Choppers and Panners

RE Red sound Federation

>The slicer isn't bad, but could be a bit more severe in my view.  None of 
>these RedSound devices come up for sale >often though.
> Stephen.

I thought the slicer WAS pretty severe actually, on my box I can get
it down to just clicks... INFACT you kind of have 2 slicers, cos the
Filter can be used for one, if you dont have any Resonance set... so
it doesnt sound too much like a filter... then you can have different
beat division set for the filter and te slicer.. so it aint just a
pump pump pump sound more like a Pumpy pump pumpy pump rythym!!

I put a search on EBay for mine... and actually alot came up... But be
aware that ther are 2 versions, only difference being that the PRO
version has midi sync... pretty important for me...