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Re: loopers hard talk questions and answers

"interrogations" like this seem common among those who are vulnerable.
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On Feb 4, 2009, at 12:31 PM, Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com 

> 1. Why loop when you can have a duo a trio or a band?is it due to  
> economics?
... because it results into different music.
> 2.do you really need all that equipment to play solo?ive seen solo  
> players who can entertain us without all of that
... just be true to yourself, what does equipment matter, when music  
> 3.nice but to my ears it sounds lifeless and monotonus
that depends on who does it, and how. maybe you don't like electronic  
music or music with electronic timing in general? i like both.
> 4.why would i pay to see somebody just making noise? my kid could do  
> that
my kid does it, too, and it oftenly sounds fine. we're both neither  
lifeless nor monotonous, noise music is rarely like that as it very  
rarely works with looping.
> 5.looping seems to me made for self indulged people that arent able  
> to deal with other humans and are incompetent to play the instrument  
> properly without all that equipment
are you a fetishist of playing skills? do they guarantee good music?
> 6. nice but dont you think a Band is still better?
i tend to support your suggestion, but that's a matter of personal  
taste. and yes, interaction beats monotheism on stage.
> 7.so whats the difference between sampling and looping and sequencing?
all mean being mainly slaved to machine timing and handling issues,  
yet. otehrwise there's wikipedia.
> 8.what so special about recording different instruments in front of  
> us? a band is better because it has more energy and you can speed  
> up ,slow down and bring dynamics together
i would oftenly agree on that, but again it depends on the context.  
also certain musicality only works, because you're the mst perfect  
player to combine with yourself. a 6 part backgroun dchoir of say  
Prince wouldn;t work, if he wouldn;t have sung it himself.
> 9.nice but it sounds too perfect
Yes i dislike those musicians, too. And it is very easy to get around  
this in everyone's own musicmaking. Just be noisy. Ever heard Lichens  
> 10.why do most loopers play alone?
I know many who don;t. You should be able to find those easily, too.  
Just look around.

How do you answer your own questions? And why do you call those  
questions hard talk? They seem quite mild as they address only  
aesthetical questions. Let's talk content rather than form.

Why do you do, what you do?

You'd like to answer that?


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