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Re:Need help with RC-50

Hi Rick,
I owned one and have documented some of the RC-50 features on my website.

In addition to that, check out the 6 RC-50 support documents of Boss at

> 1)   Are all the synchronized three loops always the same length?

No, they can be of different lengths. The longest loop (phrase) determines 
the start and stop points of the 3 phrases. Check out support guide 5 
called "Guide and Loop quantize" page 11/12
> 3)  Does the RC-50 do double or half speed manipulations of the loop


> 4)   Does the RC-50  have any kind of feedback control of loops?

Not like on the EDP or LP1, but's there's a workaround. You can setup a 
feedback loop using the aux-input, see 

> 5) is there any way to have two loops synced and a third loop random in
> legnth

Yes, turn loop sync off for that phrase.

> 6)  Does this unit have any UNDO features.

Yes, it even has an undo pedal :)


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